Consulting & Restructuring


This department is the specialized partner to the CEO, with the mission of advising and supporting the entrepreneur over the long term.
Its work is cyclical and recurring in nature.

The department may be asked to intervene for various reasons:

  • Set-up or revision of financial statements,
  • Cash flow crisis situation,
  • Design and establishment of management reports

Account auditing

We draft accounting and financial statements on behalf of our clients and support them in their ownership strategy.


Since its creation in 2005, Exelmans has helped almost one hundred companies reach a favorable conclusion to a tense cash flow situation.

We are asked to provide an independent assessment of operation and cash flow forecasts and present our report to

  • Shareholders
  • Lawyers
  • Banks
  • The tax and social welfare administration
  • Suppliers
  • The court-appointed receiver when one is designated.

It is on the basis of this work that the contributions of each of these players come together to find solutions to cover current and future cash flow gaps.

We also work alongside companies undergoing insolvency procedures. In this case the focus is on the restructurings to be conducted and on the company’s ability to survive once it is restructured. During these times of emotional difficulty for the CEO, we are able to support him or her both personally and with technical expertise. If a disposal plan proves to be the best solution, our work often serves to inform potential investors.

Management reports and monitoring

We are frequently called on to build a reporting package that tracks the company’s financial achievements.

  • Change from the previous year
  • Budget comparison
  • Financial results and cash flow
  • Specific focus on key management elements for value creation.

This type of project which supplements account monitoring can sometimes take the form of an outsourced financial department, in particular during times of financial crisis or as part of the financial monitoring of the investment made by an investment fund.

Court-ordered appraisal

The commercial courts often use our accounting and financial assessment to evaluate the responsibilities of the corporate officers of companies in difficulty.